6 Mistakes That Transform Salads from Healthy to Harmful

Salads are the go-to meal for most health conscious individuals, or for those trying to impress a potential partner on a first date. In general, salads are quite healthy. The greens are good for the body and mind and provide us with energy, antioxidants, and a full stomach, However, when we get the chance to make our own salad, we sabotage ourselves. How? Here are  few ways that we transform our salads from healthy to harmful.

Too many croutons.

For many salad lovers, croutons are a must. However, salad lovers hoping to use their love of salad to aid in weight loss, should steer clear of these crunchy favorites. Croutons are fried, making them extra fatty and full of empty calories that, if anything, should come in the form of extra fruit or nuts.

Extra servings of fruit.

Fruit, both dried and fresh, are ideal salad toppings as they provide a hint of sweetness. Fruit should always be measured and used with restraint, as it harbors excess sugars. Despite these sugars being natural, they are sugar nonetheless and can be damaging to your waistline. If you’re following a weight loss routine that keeps track of servings of fruit, fruit salad toppings should be kept in mind and counted towards the daily allowance of fruit.

Your salad lacks vegetables.

Majority of salads only contain lettuce and a variety of toppings. A successful, healthy salad, should contain much more than just lettuce. Not only will adding other vegetables make your salad look more appealing, but it will also help to fill you up. Try adding carrots, radish, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, or zucchini.

You add too much cheese.

Cheese is a popular salad topping, and many people who liberally use cheese on their salads think nothing of covering the entirety of their salad with it. Maybe they should, however, as cheese is known for its high fat content. Yes, it is healthy in moderation, but two salads a day, each smothered in cheese, is bound to add inches to the waistline. If you must have cheese, opt for feta as it is lower in fat and has a ton more flavor than other cheeses, meaning it can be used lightly and still provide your salad with great flavor and fun. Or, make a serious change and use cheese on every second salad you consume.

Dressings packed full of fat.

Very few people like plain salads without dressing, and most dressing lovers buy store bought dressing from the grocery store because it is convenient and tastes good. If you’re trying to watch your calorie intake, however, these dressings should be avoided as they contain a host of unnecessary fat, sugar, sodium, and calories. Try making your own dressing- there are hundreds of tasty dressing recipes online! If you’re looking for a simple dressing solution that can be whipped up in a matter of seconds, a light drizzle of olive oil can go a long way.

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