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How To Choose the Best Air Duct Cleaning Company

As a homeowner you know that ongoing maintenance and cleaning is required if you want to keep your house in great shape. Most likely you regularly clean your bathrooms, vacuum your carpets and dust your furniture. You may even do a more thorough spring cleaning, where almost everything from appliances to baseboards to blinds and windows get the attention they deserve.

And yet there is one area of a home that almost never gets cleaned – the air ducts and ventilation system that you rely on every day. Regular cleaning of your air ducts is critical if you want to avoid recurring headaches, nasal congestion, coughing and other issues associated with dirty air ducts in a home. We spend much of our life in our homes and it’s important to be breathing pure, clean air.

When it comes to choosing the best air duct cleaning company, you should look for a firm that offers the following.

Cleans the Whole System

The air circulation system within your home is an end-to-end system that encompasses many elements. A thorough cleaning should include the ductwork, the vents in each room and the return. Additionally, the outdoor air intakes, air handling unit components and reheat coils must be cleaned. This helps remove all of dust and any dirt or debris that has built up over time. Top notch companies will also sanitize your air duct system to help eliminate bacteria.

Prompt and Efficient Service

A company that is truly professional will know exactly how to clean your air ducts and all of the steps necessary to assure that the job is done right. By using the right equipment, they can get the job done promptly and efficiently. The best companies use equipment certified by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), and have staff that is fully trained to use the latest tools and equipment.

References and a Checklist

Air duct cleaning is critical to your health, so you will want to make sure that the company you choose is going to get the job done right. It’s important to ask for references so you can make sure that other customers are satisfied with the firm’s professionalism, staff and final results. You should also make sure that the firm provides a complete checklist of every area that will be cleaned, and fully and openly answers any questions you may have about how the job will be done.

Before and After Photos

The air duct system of your home is largely invisible. You see the ducts in each room and the return but have no real view of the complete system. Make sure that your air duct cleaning company provides before and after photos so that you can see the original condition of your ducts and the results after cleaning.

We all know the importance of maintaining a clean home. If you want to assure that the air you breathe every day in your home is pure, schedule regular cleaning of your air duct system. It’s one of the best gifts for good health.

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